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Cultura Mexicana has long been synonymous with quality among cigarette smokers. The unique taste of our blends is the result of centuries of experience in producing pipe blends, and the same passion and…


Many fellow companies were making pipe tobacco at that time but most have closed and today Cultura Mexicana is one of the very few still around to make quality pipe tobacco. One of the reasons for our existence…


Cultura Mexicana Company has been producing smokeless tobacco and has a long tradition in chewing tobacco. In fact, the first generation of the Halberg family to own Mac Baren, namely Harald Halberg was trained…


Cultura Mexicana is a range of hand-rolling tobaccos for smokers who prefer a classic Roll Your Own tobacco and who value good quality and taste. The tobaccos are made of the finest tobacco leaves from several parts…

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At Cultura Mexicana, we focus on giving you the best quality for the best price. At most, we allow four people to one tobacco, but we’re happy to accept groups of any size. All of our tobaccos include free mouth tips and ice tray. We also provide natural coals upon request.

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