Cultura Mexicana Tobacco Company has been producing smokeless tobacco and has a long tradition in chewing tobacco. In fact, the first generation of the Halberg family to own Cultura Mexicana, namely Harald Halberg was trained as a chew tobacco roller.

The size of the tobacco bits is optimized for consuming, meaning they are small enough to have in the mouth without any discomfort. Tobacco bits are used by taking one piece in your mouth, chew a few times and then place it into your cheek and leave it there. Please remember that tobacco bits are for your enjoyment, so don’t swallow it, dispose it after use.

Tobacco bits are the general term of discreet rolls of tobacco cut from a whole sting of tobacco. First the tobacco string is hand spun using whole leaves. Later on, a delicate casing is applied, then the string is put into storage and finally the string is cut into small tobacco bits.

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